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Google Internship

The Story

In the summer of 2019, I joined the Google Search team in Mountain View as a UX Engineering intern to design and prototype new experiences for the Search iOS app. My intern project involved designing and prototyping (with code!) a Knowledge Graph visualization using live and dynamic data. My project is protected by a NDA meaning I cannot show any of my work, but I can provide a high-level description of the project and my role.

Project Details

Type: UX Engineering Internship

Tools: Sketch, Swift, Xcode, JS

Completed: Summer 2019

What is UX Engineering?

UX Engineers bridge the gap between UX Designers and Software Engineers: they're skilled in both design and development. They partner with UX Designers to define new features, that they will eventually turn into living, breathing prototypes that use dynamic data and animations to simulate the experience. They also work closely with UX Researchers to conduct user-testing using these protoypes, and assist Software Engineers to implement these features.

If you're interested in learning more, check out a fellow UX Engineer's Medium article about UX Engineering or UX Engineering on Google Design.

What is the Knowledge Graph?

The Knowledge Graph is what stores all of Google's public data that you see when you search for a topic. You may be familiar with the nice block of information you see on the right when you search a celebrity or movie: all of that information is supplied by the Knowledge Graph. The power of the Knowledge Graph is connecting information: each piece of information is connected to many different pieces of information, and so on. Watch this short video to understand how the information behind your search results is structured in the Knowledge Graph:

Other cool things

I feel incredibly grateful to have been given the opportunity to intern at Google. Besides my challenging project, I got to experience everything Google has to offer. I met some really smart and talented people who I learned so much from in such a short span of time. I met some awesome interns and built lasting friendships on our weekend roadtrips to explore California and its breathtaking views. I even saw Google's very own CEO, Sundar Pichai, giving a live talk to Google employees!

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