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Next Great Innovator Hackathon

A second-place hackathon winner

The Story

In September 2017, I participated in RBC’s Next Great Innovator hackathon to solve a challenge under the theme of the Future of Work. RBC, Canada’s largest bank, had committed to invest $500 million dollars to help Canadian youth get work experience, grow their network and gain new skills under their 10-year Future Launch Program.

Our team was made up of a developer, two business students and a designer (myself). After an intense weekend, our team finished in 2nd place out of 30 teams after we created RBC Arbitrage, a new platform that reimagines the way RBC hires young talent. Following our achievement, the University of Toronto wrote a short article about our experience.

Project Details

Type: UX Design

Platform: Web

Tools: Axure

Completed: September 2017

Quick links: Prototype | Article from the University of Toronto

The Challenge

The official problem statement that was given to us is the following:

We know that the workforce is changing, and with the new generation starting work, we understand you want things to be different than what the "traditional" workplace is. We are looking to engage you differently to meet your career expectations.

Build an innovative prototype of a mobile, tablet, or web app that addresses how RBC can adapt to the Future of Work by finding a creative way for RBC to entice top technical students to apply to our student positions, while testing their tech skills in the process.


Although it was a 2-day hackathon, we decided to conduct some guerrilla research with students and hiring managers attending the hackathon to gain a better understanding of their needs and frustrations regarding the Future of Work.

We conducted informal interviews with 3 students and 2 hiring managers as they would be the primary users of the solution we will be creating. We defined a unique set of open-ended questions for both students and hiring managers to get the most out of them in such a limited time.


Areas of Opportunity

After conducting informal interviews with 3 students and 2 hiring managers, our team defined 3 areas of opportunity that would help bridge the disconnect between what students want and what employers are looking for to solve the challenge that was given to us.

Introducing RBC Arbitrage

We used RBC's branding guidelines including fonts, colors, and styling to build a prototype of our solution: RBC Arbitrage. This made it quicker for us to build the prototype, but also helped the judges visualize our solution under their company's brand.

Feature #1: Gamified challenges to assess skills
Feature #2: Social Engagement to display RBC's values
Feature #3: Skills-based hiring for Managers


We built a prototype of our solution using Axure. You can access the prototype here.

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