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Xperience First

The Story

In the Fall of 2018, I joined the Xperience First Lab at RBC as a UX Developer Intern. The Xperience First Lab, commonly known as X1, is RBC's Design Thinking & Human-Centred Design practice that is responsible for organizing Design Thinking training and workshops across the company and collaborating with product teams by offering UX Research and Design services. During my internship at X1, I took part in three diverse initiatives that each required a different skill set:

Internship Details

Type: Front-End Development, UX Design, Public Speaking

Used: HTML, CSS, JS, Sketch, Design Thinking workshops

Completed: December 2018

Raising awareness about Design Thinking at RBC

The X1 team was created less than a year before I joined them as an intern. The team was relatively new and was in the process of ramping up and raising awareness about the services it can offer to teams across the company. To supplement that effort, the team thought it would be great to have a website that can be shared internally and introduce X1 to the rest of RBC! I led the effort to build an informational website about X1, the training and design services we offered, and the positive impact we've made with different teams at RBC. I collaborated with designers on my team to design the website, and ultimately took responsibility of building it with HTML, CSS and some JS. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to share any screenshots or designed due to an NDA.

Designing a new tool for RBC Wealth Management advisors

In addition to our team website, I worked with designers and researchers on my team to design a new tool for RBC Wealth Management advisors. I assisted researchers in creating user personas and journey maps to gain a better understanding of advisors and their pain points. I also worked with designers to quickly design and iterate low- and high-fidelity prototypes by adopting a Lean UX mindset.

Facilitating a Design Thinking Workshop

Part of X1's mission is to empower teams at RBC to use Design Thinking and Human-Centred Design methodologies in their projects. To do so, X1 runs and facilitates workshops and trainings for RBC's 80,000 employees across the world. During one of our workshops, I facilitated some Design Sprint exercises like Crazy 8's which was really exciting!

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